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Worker’s Compensation and Urgent Care in Houston


Is Urgent Care in Houston Covered Under Worker’s Comp?

You may already be familiar with the services provided by West Oaks Urgent Care in southwest Houston like laceration care, minor burns, bone fracture care, and pre-employment screenings, but did you also know that these same services can be filed under Workers Comp?

In the state of Texas, Workers Comp is compensation provided to employees who have received work related illnesses or injuries. The Texas Division of Worker’s Compensation says that this service is, “a state-regulated insurance program that pays medical bills and replaces some lost wages for employees who are injured at work or who have work-related diseases or illnesses” (Texas Department of Insurance, 2011). If you, as an employee of a company that participates in worker’s comp insurance, get hurt on the job, you are eligible to have your urgent care in Houston bill reimbursed by worker’s comp.

What You Should Know About Worker’s Compensation in Houston

The Texas Department of Insurance says that, “Texas remains the only state that still allows private employers to choose whether or not to maintain workers’ compensation insurance” (2011). Most companies in Texas have Worker’s Comp insurance or are certified to self-insure by the TDI, but it is always important to check with your company’s HR Benefits to see what your plan covers. Despite this fact, you can safely assume that your company will reimburse you for injuries that occurred as a result of an unavoidable work activity such as an on the job fall that results in a broken bone or a minor burn. With minor injuries like these, you are encouraged to seek non-emergency care such as a visit with your PCP or with the nearest urgent care center in Houston.

Additionally, worker’s comp in Houston covers employees with long term illnesses as well. Famous cases of these include employees who inhaled asbestos while working in construction who have now contracted lung problems like mesothelioma. Also, as in the case with employees who lose limbs as a result of a job-related injury, worker’s comp insurance can reimburse that employees urgent care expenses, as well as long-term or lump-sum benefits.

You should also know that your company can deny your worker’s comp benefits in Houston for the following reasons:

  • The injury occurred while the employee was NOT on the job.
  • The employee was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. The employer has the right to request a negative drug test result prior to granting benefits.
  • If the employee sues the company, that employee might forgo their right to accept worker’s comp.

It is safe to assume that if your work related injury was completely accidental, that your medical expenses to care for it will be covered by your company. In that case, you would need an urgent care center in Houston with the experience to not only care for your injury, but file all of your worker’s comp paper work correctly.

Urgent care services in Houston are available seven days a week to take care of work related accidents. Let the experts at West Oaks Urgent Care in southwest Houston take care of all of your worker’s comp needs. Learn more about our worker’s comp services here.


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