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Types of Leg Fractures


Urgent Care Education: Types of Leg Fractures

It happened over the weekend: you tripped at the family picnic, and now your leg just does not look right. It’s time to visit the nearest urgent care in Houston. Although you should leave diagnosing your broken bone- or fracture– to an urgent care physician, having some working knowledge about types of leg fractures can help keep you comfortable as you make your way to the clinic.

Three Types of Fractures that Urgent Care can Help With

If you notice pain that worsens when you move your leg, excessive swelling, bruising, an inability to move your leg, or a physical leg deformity, you may have a bone fracture. There are three types of fractures.

  • Displaced- The bone is broken and has moved out of place.
  • Non-displaced- The bone is broken and has NOT moved out of place.
  • Open- The bone is displaced and poking out of the skin.

Within minutes of arriving at an urgent care center in Houston, the staff can x-ray your leg and have a physician diagnose the type of fracture that occurred. Treatment for a leg bone fracture can include splinting the leg or immobilizing it in a cast. The urgent care physician will then refer you to an orthopedic specialist for a follow-up.


Leg Fracture First Aid

Although you can be seen in about ten minutes at your nearest urgent care center in Houston, that fact may not be consolation in the immediate seconds after hurting yourself. The following first aid tips can help reduce pain as you make your way to an urgent care facility:

  • If the wound is clearly an open fracture, stop the bleeding. Mayo Clinic advises that the patient apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth.
  • Do NOT try to re-set the bone yourself. Keep the leg as immobilized as possible to reduce the chance of further injury.
  • You can apply ice-packs to the site of swelling to alleviate pain. However, do not allow the ice to touch the skin directly. Keep the ice wrapped in cloth or other material before you allow it to touch the fracture site.

This information should never be substituted for medical action. If an accident happens, even over the weekend, remember to seek emergency help at an urgent care center in Houston with the resources to diagnose the fracture, treat it, and prescribe pain management medications until you can see a specialist.



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