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Spring Time and Air Quality


Memorial-Park-Golf-Course-1Spring is almost here! Houstonians, even the staff at your local urgent care center, are looking forward to all of the outdoor spring activities.

However, in Houston, we must content with a factor that can impact our respiratory health: air quality.

The “Air quality index,” or AQI, tells you how clean the air you breathe is. On the flip side, it also tells you how polluted the air is. Businesses in Houston are aware of their emissions, and they currently “meet all five of the EPA’s other health based air pollution standards” (On Air Houston, 2014). In fact, On Air Houston reports that Houston’s air quality has significantly improved over the past 10 years.

Spring time brings a lot of people outside to enjoy the weather before Houston summer kicks in (jokingly, but most often true) three weeks later.

People with asthma and allergies should check the AQI when preparing their outdoor plans. Local News Stations that cover weather often cover a pollution index to allow people to plan their day. You can also check current air quality indexes on the following websites:

Physicians at your local urgent care center in Houston can refill your asthma prescriptions or evaluate your allergy symptoms


On Air Houston. (2014). On Air: Houston. Broadcasting Facts on Houston Air Quality. Retrieved on March 4, 2014 from http://houstonairquality.com.

-Carolyn A. Medrano, 2014


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