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Life as a West Oaks Urgent Care Intern


christmas momotazBy Momotaz Rahman

I ran with the time going faster than I could move my two feet.  Coffee was to be delivered and more errands were to be picked up. My boss was not one for waiting but regardless I sat there dreaming of the day that I could be just as fierce and successful as Meryl Streep. I was 15 years old when I first watched The Devil Wears Prada and I saw Anne Hathaway go through her many trials. Of course, she was an assistant but my impressions of interns were based off of what I saw in the movies. I knew that when it came time I would not know what to expect or exactly what my experience would be like.

I was in my junior year and I then decided that it was time for me to search for an internship but I didn’t even know where to go or how to start. After asking around and a little bit of research I found an opening for a marketing intern at the West  Oaks Urgent Care. I always took an interest in the health field but I thought this job would be more about social media and paper work.  Who knew that clicking the button to send my resume would entirely change my life. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic there but it has been life altering.

I was called in for my interview where I met one of the doctors who also is the marketing director, or what I’d like to call my boss. I was explained of my duties and tasks, what was expected of me and I realized I would be doing more than running back and forth to bring coffee and lunch. Before you start marketing for a company you should always learn every corner of the business which is exactly what I did. I was able to shadow one of the doctors for the day and learn how patients are taken care of and what really goes on in a clinic. In addition to shadowing I was given a crash course in healthcare 101. I think this was very beneficial since it helped me understand and be more comfortable with the urgent care.polish fest

Being a Public Relations major, networking and socializing is naturally in my personality. Seeing new faces and getting to meet people from all types of backgrounds and industry was an experience I never thought I’d never receive. I attended everything from fairs, networking events, to business luncheons. I took away a piece of knowledge from each meeting and event that I believe I would not have received without this internship. The doctors took every consideration and idea I had which made me happy that I had the opportunity to take an active role in the business. I was even given my own business card which really made me feel like an official employee.

The reason why I think I was able to market the urgent care so well was because I saw how the doctors truly cared about their patients. They were very kind and helpful which is not something that you get in every urgent care or even primary care. The clinic was different because it was less about profit and more about helping out the community

This internship taught me that being an intern isn’t fetching coffee but it’s about taking knowledge from a company and growing as a person. This is exactly what I have received from West Oaks Urgent Care and I look forward to what the future holds for me here.


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