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3 Health Benefits of Yoga (to keep you out of Urgent Care)


By Carolyn Medrano

Many skeptics regard yoga as a new age, holistic practice that offers no true benefit other than flexibility, the most obvious benefit. Medical studies demonstrate, though, that yoga has both internal and external benefits for the human body. Regular practitioners of yoga present with increase muscle strength, efficient respiration, reduction in back pain, and improved circulation.

There are a few specific benefits of yoga that can keep you out of your urgent care clinic. The classic adage states that “prevention is the best medicine.” In that regard, it is at least worth a second look at the ways that yoga can save you from having to visit your local urgent care center.


It is well known that factors like stress and inactivity can contribute to common sicknesses- the common cold and upper respiratory infections to name a few. Yoga is said to boost immunity in two ways. The first is that yoga is said to stimulate the movement of lymph in the body. The movement of lymph can move pathogens from the body to be properly excreted. The second way yoga boosts immunity comes from its well known stress relieving properties.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Yoga is also cited to provide excellent hearth health benefits. Many patients are able to visit their urgent care center of choice for evening and weekend appointments for prescription refills on common blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering drugs. Yoga, as an exercise, promotes blood circulation to lower bad cholesterol  levels and decrease blood pressure.

Minimal chance of sports injury

One popular reason to visit a local urgent care center is a sport injury. When done properly and with supervision for new practitioners, yoga is a low-impact activity with little to no chance of serious injury.



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