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Great tips for Keeping the Family Safe this Halloween


It’s that time of year where the air gets crispier, the days shorter, and the excitement grows for Americans of all ages in anticipation of the darkest, spookiest holiday of the year. Families, retailers, and other establishments get ready for Halloween, a night full of tricks and treats. Although the night can be filled with an abundance of treats it is always smart for parents to be careful.

To help you and your family stay safe but have a splendid evening as well, follow the tips below.

Plan a route in advance
Avoid long paths and map out a route before leaving he house. Stick to paths that you and your families are familiar with and do not split up if you are going in a big group.


  • Wear Comfy Shoes
    To avoid dripping in the dark or feet hurting midway, make sure everyone is wearing comfortable, well fitted shoes
  • Stay Well-Lit/Visible
    When crossing the street make sure drivers on the road can see you and your kids. Wearing a reflective tape or just using your phone as a flashlight can help. Cross the street at corners using crosswalks.
  • Keep Costumes Both Creative & Safe
    When selecting a costume make sure the attached mask will not cover your child’s vision and that goes for make up as well. Buying a costume that fits well prevents any trips and falls.
  • Always Have A Guardian Or Parent With Children
    Make sure your child is always accompanied by you or a supervisor even if that means running to the house across the street. Enter homes only if the child is with a trusted adult and visit well-lit houses. Tell your children to deny rides from strangers.
  • Check Your Child’s Candy
    Make sure to sort through candy at the end of the night and throw away any candy that is not in its original wrapper or looks as if it has been opened.





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