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5 Flu Statistics: The Case for Flu Vaccine


For every excuse you can give to avoid getting a flu shot, there is a rebuttal. The seasonal influenza shot (aka flu shot) delivers a milder form of the virus, forcing your body to develop antibodies within two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies actively protect you against any of the viruses included in the vaccine.

Five Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot or Mist Today

5) On average, between 5% to 20% of the US population will come down with the flu. (Source: WebMD)

According to Worldometers, there are about 325,778,385 people living in the United States as of their last 2015 live count. Doing the math, that’s about over sixteen million people at minimum who will contract the flu. Of those people, according to the CDC, “200,000 people are hospitalized from seasonal flu-related complications.” The flu is more serious, and much more present, than you’d think, and getting the flu vaccine can cut those numbers.

4) The incubation period for the influenza virus is typically one to four days long, but adults can be contagious even before they begin to show symptoms. (Source: WebMD)

Have you heard, or given, the argument that, “Well, the one time I DID get the shot, I got sick right afterwards!”? In actuality, you were probably already infected with the flu virus when you received the vaccine, and it was too late. Adults can spread the flu from a day before symptoms begin, and they remain contagious for up to ten days after the illness takes hold.

3) In 2013, the mortality rate due to flu-related complications was at 3,697. (Source: CDC)

Roughly translated, this means roughly one death in 100,000. Flu-related complications are no laughing matter, and the combination of high fevers, pneumonia, and other respiratory complications can have dire consequences.

2) Flu activity usually peaks in in the first part of the year, January and February. (Source: CDC)

Since flu activity peaks in winter, it’s best to receive your flu vaccine, shot or otherwise, BEFORE peak season. Many flu shot campaigns will begin in the fall to encourage people to avoid the risk of getting the disease entirely. In January and February, hospitalizations and physician office visits spike with patients suffering from flu-like symptoms.

1) You have options when receiving your flu vaccine.

The vaccine can now be administered in three ways: into the muscle (IM), into the skin (ID), or via a nasal spray (also known as FluMist Quadrivalent). Even pediatric patients as young as two years old can receive the FluMist. Ask your local urgent care center in Houston which form of the vaccine they recommend based on your health condition. If you have an egg allergy, for example, you might not be eligible to receive one form of the vaccine.

Stay in Action – Get a Flu Shot at West Oaks Urgent Care

You now have five reasons to get your flu vaccine, so all you need now is a good time to visit the clinic. Stop by West Oaks Urgent Care any day, even after work hours or on the weekends, to get prepared for flu season today!


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