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Class in Session: Halloween Safety 101 in Houston


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s important to remember not to sacrifice safety for fun (although you and the kids can still easily have both!). Things can get colorful in the pediatric clinic, but following just a few safety tips can ensure that the costumes and decorations are the ONLY scary things you’ll deal with.

Five Halloween Safety Tips to Avoid a Trip to Pediatrician

Rule #1: Light Colored Costumes and Lights

Most Halloween festivities happen at night when visibility starts to become an issue. Children crossing the street during trick-or-treating are at risk of being hit by passing cars or other instances that might require a trip to the emergency room. Encourage your children to wear light-colored costumes to increase their visibility. If light cloth ruins the aesthetic of the costume, encourage them to use glow sticks or other self-illuminating sources. You can even get creative with reflective tape or other glow-in-the-dark accessories!

Rule #2: Fire Safety First!

Make sure you only purchase flame retardant costumes. Flame retardant materials naturally do not burn, or are treated to avoid igniting. With the number of candlelit  jack-o-lanterns and other lighted props, kids might get closer to open flames than recommended on Halloween. Protect them first with the right costumes.

Rule #3: Mobility

Long sheets, masks, different shoes… any of one of these items can inhibit mobility and cause your child to trip. Add this to nighttime darkness, and you have potential trip hazards and a potential ride to the urgent care center! Unexpected falls in the darkness can result in some nasty injuries, especially if your child was running when they tripped. Make sure your child can move easily in whatever costume they chose.

Rule #4: No Weapons Allows

While some older children can be allowed to carry plastic swords and other play weapons, a child should never be allowed to carry real weapons when they go trick or treating. Real blades, even dull, can still cut the skin when the right amount of force is applied. Real weapons pose a danger to, not only your own child, but to the other children in the group.

Rule #5: Examine All Candy Before Eating It

We’re beyond the urban legend of finding razor blades in the Halloween candy, but this doesn’t mean that you, as the responsible parent, should not first check your children’s candy prior to letting them eat it. Sometimes, candy is not properly stored, or insects can creep into poorly wrapped candies. Examine all candy from that night’s Halloween loot prior to letting your children eat it. On top of that, moderate their intake.

Wishing You a Safe Halloween from West Oaks Urgent Care!

While we hope you’re enjoying your Halloween evening, if trouble happens, feel free to drop in! West Oaks Urgent Care serves the Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, and Bear Creek areas Sunday through Saturday, even after work hours.

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